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The “Re-invention” of Education

If you are a regular visitor to my blog (or following it I hope), you know two very important things about me: I love using video as a teaching tool and I love TEDTalks! Primarily a visual learner, I find I am always searching for visual media that support the learning process. I think that is what TEDTalks does in abundance, and I also believe it is what first drew me to Salman Khan’s brain child – Khan Academy (

Four years ago, while working with my faculty to find math resources for struggling students, we stumbled upon the Khan Academy website. Khan Academy got its start when Khan, a former hedge fund analyst, started helping his cousins with math. With this mission in mind, Salman used video of himself explaining basic and complex math concepts which he then uploaded to YouTube. His idea was not only a big hit with his family but a YouTube sensation as well. Image — teaching math remotely to the masses!

For our team of teachers, Khan Academy proved to be a great example of how a flip classroom might function because we discovered we could use its content not only to reinforce concepts taught inside the classroom but we could also use Khan Academy to introduce concepts at home. As a result, our teachers could use their 50 minutes of math to differentiate based on what our students had learned (or not based on their questions) the night before. It completely changed the way that we thought about teaching math in our elementary school (and, more importantly, I believe it provided our students a better opportunity to actively participate in their own learning).

In this 2011 TEDTalk, Salman talks about, among many things, the evolution of his website, flip classroom education, helping teachers better differentiate student learning, and the reinvention of education. Enjoy!  tlb

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