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Why a good education benefits us all — even if you’re long past being a student

One year ago, TED Talks launched its first televised series for PBS dedicated to education. Bringing together a diverse group of voices and perspectives, this series was widely viewed by … Continue reading

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The “I Can” Bug: Creating Confident and Caring Citizens

Educator Kiran Bir Sethi’s built her career “looking beyond what exists in order to explore better ways to prepare her students for an uncertain future.” Through her many endeavors, one … Continue reading

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The “Re-invention” of Education

If you are a regular visitor to my blog (or following it I hope), you know two very important things about me: I love using video as a teaching tool … Continue reading

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A Measure of Grit

In my quest to find effective ways to teach my students what it means to persevere when they are faced with challenges, I have discovered a NY Times series that … Continue reading

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