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Tuesday Treasure

Teaching children to think and not what to think is essential to learning.

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Best Thing About Being a Teacher

  The best thing about being a teacher… Watching children making connections Seeing those light bulb moments while grasping new concepts Watching children make real world connections while learning Seeing … Continue reading

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Technology Second

      I discovered this great photo on twitter over the weekend, and it encapsulates what teachers do to ensure learning happens first. Technology is a tool that we … Continue reading

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How to Get Started With Differentiation

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Enhancing Student Engagement: Learning to Ask Good Questions

Why are “perfectly placed questions” so important in the classroom? They are important because asking the right questions ensures “an explosion of learning for students.” The folks at shared what I … Continue reading

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Something to Remember

It is the middle of the school year, and you may be asking yourself why did I become a teacher. If you are questioning what you do every day for … Continue reading

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Outdoor & Environmental Sustainability: Resource Roundup

If you follow principalaim then you know how much I love sharing resources with teachers and administrators. One of my favorite sites for everything school related is Edutopia. Each month, Edutopia … Continue reading

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What Does Kindle Unlimited Mean for the Classroom?

Jeff Bezos and Amazon have done it again. Friday, July 18th was the official launch of Bezos’ latest creation – Kindle Unlimited. The launch of Kindle Unlimited is the talk of the … Continue reading

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Awesome Takes Practice

I found this great photo on LinkedIn, and I just had to share its powerful message with other educators. tlb   Source   Source 

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Celebrating Teachers: Appreciation Week 2014!

It is Teacher Appreciation Week, and there are so many great resources out there to help celebrate and honor the great work of teachers! Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! tlb Discovery Education – … Continue reading

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