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Creating Culture in the Classroom

What kind of culture are you creating in the classroom? tlb Source

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What’s on Your Educator’s Bucket List?

Every educator has one … so what’s on your bucket list? tlb Source

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More Calls to Slow Down the Implementation of Common Core

It appears the calls for a slowdown in the implementation of Common Core continue coming this time from the American Association of School Administrators. The first call to slowdown the implementation of … Continue reading

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Summer Planning: Why Aren’t More Schools Using Free Open Access to Technology?

As we wrap up the school year, planning for the fall has already begun. Whether making academic or extracurricular decisions, schools, this time of year, are making choices that require … Continue reading

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NASSP Urges Slowdown in Common Core Implementation

  In a move that many would say has been in the works for many months, the National Association of Secondary School Principals is calling for a slowdown in the … Continue reading

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We Are Our Own Best Resource

This picture from Twitter is yet another example of how important it is for teachers to collaborate with one another. We are truly our own best resource. tlb   Source … Continue reading

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Gen Z: Who Are They and How Do We Support Them?

  LinkedIn influencer and marketing strategist, Dr. Christina McCale posted a question today that intrigued me because its focus is on the students that we work to support each day in … Continue reading

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Embrace Your Calling: Lessons from Maya Angelou

“Don’t just teach because that’s all you can do. Teach because it’s your calling. And once you realize that, you have a responsibility to the young people.” – Maya Angelou, … Continue reading

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Teaching Beyond the Classroom

  One of the best things about 21st century instruction is the ability of the classroom teacher to “extend learning beyond the classroom.” As someone who understands the value of technology, … Continue reading

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Make Summer Reading Fun!

  As the end of May draws near, I’d like to once again share some tips to help keep children interested in reading during the summer. Why is it so … Continue reading

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