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Teaching Beyond the Classroom



One of the best things about 21st century instruction is the ability of the classroom teacher to “extend learning beyond the classroom.” As someone who understands the value of technology, I truly see the benefits of technology use both inside and outside the classroom. But, I can also understand the challenges that come with a fully integrated technology program (like teachers who have less experience working with technology and schools that lack the financial resources to provide appropriate training for teachers). While I can see and understand the obstacles, I also see the need to continue to provide resources to help build teacher confidence so that we can broaden the academic experience for our students. Some of my favorite tools are: Google Docs, Google Hangouts,, Scoop it!, Evernote, and Flipboard.

Thanks to the folks at, I’d like to share 6 tips and 18 resources (including several of my favorites) to help enhance student learning through the use of technology. tlb





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2 comments on “Teaching Beyond the Classroom

  1. kedavis99
    May 19, 2014

    My district has really been pushing to integrate technology more and more however I think there are some teachers feeling really left behind and under-trained. We began utilizing Google Drive for saving our files second semester this year, it was to be the only way students saved files other than to my docs on a particular computer but it hasn’t been happening. We were informed that this would be happening in August however training of staff didn’t happen until second semester when the change was to take place. As the person who teaches technology in the building (I’d say teacher but my position is actually a classroom assistant position) I sat down and researched to train myself, I also worked with my second, fourth and fifth grade students so they know how to use Drive and Docs. I honestly think some of my second graders are more familiar with Google now than their classroom teachers. Hopefully as we continue using Drive teachers will become more familiar and comfortable with it as well because I think technology integration is key to helping our students prepare to work in the 21st century workplace.

    • principalaim
      May 19, 2014

      Hello kedavis99, It sounds like your school is working to put some good things in place but it takes time especially if (while implementing new technology) you are (also) helping build teacher conference and ability when it comes to technology. Keep up the great work. Technology integration is key to helping students prepare to work in the 21st century workplace — I truly believe all schools will get there. tlb

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