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Embrace Your Calling: Lessons from Maya Angelou

Photo of Maya Angelou

“Don’t just teach because that’s all you can do. Teach because it’s your calling. And once you realize that, you have a responsibility to the young people.” – Maya Angelou, Educational Leadership magazine, September 2013

Since the news of the death of Maya Angelou, there have been many moving tributes to her legacy as a writer and activist. To say that Maya Angelou’s words have influenced millions of readers all over the world is an understatement. Her words have not only sold tons of books but they have also been a reference point for me in my journey as an educator and advocate for children and quality education. As an educator, I truly believe my “calling” has always been influenced by my deep understanding that I am responsible for shaping the lives of young people. Shaping the lives of children is not an easy task. It takes a spirit of determination, compassion, and lots of patience. It also requires a willingness to be a role model – a willingness to live by example. I am so happy to know there are others who understand and accept the responsibility that comes from teaching. Thank you, Ms. Angelou for your inspirational life and influential words. tlb

For more inspirational lessons from Maya Angelou, check out Michael Hyatt’s blog post, “How to Live a Life That Matters: 5 Lessons from Maya Angelou.”





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