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NASSP Urges Slowdown in Common Core Implementation


common core rottenIn a move that many would say has been in the works for many months, the National Association of Secondary School Principals is calling for a slowdown in the implementation of the Common Core standards. The news, first reported in the Washington Post on June 3, comes as teachers and administrators across the country worry about “the overall implementation of the new standards in their states and the inadequate training teachers have received in order to ensure appropriate alignment of instructional practices with the new standards.” Educators worry the roll out of the Common Core standards happened so quickly (many would say without full teacher support) teachers are still working to catch up; many saying their students are suffering from an initiative that was not fully vetted before being implemented.

Whether you support the Common Core initiative or not, we have big questions to answer in education — how do we establish standards for each child (no matter the school, region, or economics) that allows educators to measure where students are from grade to grade? Can we truly establish benchmarks that do not call into question teacher quality but hold us (teachers and administrators) responsibility for a quality education for all students? We owe our students answers to these and so many more questions, and I intend to stay focus on getting the right answers for the sake of my students. Check out the full article on tlb








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