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Make Summer Reading Fun!

 summer reading

As the end of May draws near, I’d like to once again share some tips to help keep children interested in reading during the summer. Why is it so important for children to develop a love of reading, and to keep reading especially during the summer? Reading is important because it provides a gateway to other people, opinions, cultures, and traditions; however, despite its importance, there are still many children who do not enjoy the simple act of reading a book. What can you do to keep readers reading? Here are a few tips to make summer reading fun and enjoyable:

  • Utilize your public library
  • Read aloud to children
  • Provide opportunities to choose books
  • Keep books accessible
  • Help children identify “just right books”
  • Try audiobooks
  • Always model good reading habits

The best way to keep students reading this summer is to make reading fun!  Check out Barnes & Noble’s Summer Reading kit from tlb




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