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A Dream Deferred? Teaching the Principles of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to Young Children

Given the political climate, we are all living in today, this year’s national day of service to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is even more important to me than any other year.

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A Man of Great Hope

Being true to those things in us that feel true and right is essential to making the world a better place for everyone.

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Habit of Persistence

It may be one of the toughest things to teach; yet it is an essential quality for children to possess.

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How Do You See Yourself?

How do your students view themselves?

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3 Things Students Want to Hear

As you prepare for the new school year, look for ways to spend each day encouraging and motivating your students.

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Set Your Own Path

It is important to stay true to what you believe. Only then can you stay on your path.

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Rules to Live By


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Make the Ordinary Extraordinary

  I simply could not resist sharing such a powerful message from one of my childhood favorites – Charlie Brown. tlb     Source

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Embracing Diversity II

I discovered this image earlier today on Twitter, and it stayed with me the rest of the day.  What I wouldn’t give to have every student in my school understand and embody … Continue reading

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Empathy: The Most Important Back-to-School Supply

  If you haven’t checked out Edutopia’s #BESTYEAREVER, it is not too late! During the course of the summer, Edutopia bloggers have featured wonderful resources to help teachers and administrators … Continue reading

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