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15 Seconds

If you were trapped on an elevator and had just 15 seconds to summarize the word “character” what would you say? One educator on Twitter shared a great activity that encapsulates … Continue reading

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Taking Healthy Risks

Why is it so important to learn to take healthy risks? It is important because great things happen when you step outside of your comfort zone. Let’s not only teach our … Continue reading

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Essential Lesson

What do you gain when you win or lose? As long as you are learning; you gain everything. tlb Source

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    With just three simple sentences and 12 single words, late tennis great Arthur Ashe leaves a powerful message for adults and children alike. The most powerful part of his message … Continue reading

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  “You are braver than you believe, smarter than you seem, and stronger than you think.” –  Winnie the Pooh    

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Confidence Starts With You!

I discovered this great photo on Twitter. It is a reminder that faith in yourself is where true confidence begins.  tlb Source 

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Growth Through Effort

This is a great reminder that in order to get better and grow in any undertaking, you must practice. Nothing comes without diligent and dedicated effort. tlb   Source Source

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Making a Positive Impact: The Role of a Teacher

I discovered a drawing on Twitter that I had to share with you. During those moments when things are tough remember the role of a teacher is to make a … Continue reading

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Awesome Takes Practice

I found this great photo on LinkedIn, and I just had to share its powerful message with other educators. tlb   Source   Source 

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Keep Moving Forward

Never let people and circumstances keep you from moving forward. tlb Source  

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