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Three R’s and One “C”




Education policy makers are watching something that rarely happens in education — “the unprecedented” push to green light a new initiative. In this instance, the new program is coding and its popularity in K-12 schools is soaring. “Since December 2013, 20,000 teachers from Kindergarten through 12th grade have introduced coding lessons according to” “This is very good news for the tech industry (also supporters of because it gives greater validation in the push to fully integrate technology into every classroom.”  This also means major revenue for tech businesses that will in term work to get the necessary resources into classrooms to support technology. Regardless of the motive, school leaders are finding it harder and harder to (only) talk about teaching students the three R’s without adding the letter “C” to the equation.

Whether the “c” stands for computer science or coding — technology integration in K-12 programs is here to stay! Check out to learn more about the work in coding taking place in grades K-5 in Mill Valley California. tlb


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