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10 ways to nurture wellbeing and build resilience

If you are looking for a blog all about the social emotional health of children then look no further than whatchildrenneedtobehappy. Blogger Jeni Hooper provides wonderful insights for parents and teachers as they work to provide spaces for children to grow into happy, healthy human beings. tlb


We live in a busy world where children as well as adults encounter challenges and may find this stressful. Some people are naturally confident and resilient but most of us need some help. So how do we support children who need a helping hand? I passionately believe that we need to talk more about the positive factors which nurture wellbeing. The prevention of mental health issues makes such sound sense.


Wellbeing is not about being happy all the time or living a charmed life cushioned from want or challenges. Wellbeing is having the personal resources- mental, emotional, social and spiritual to deal with life’s challenges and having the skills to create a good life which is authentic and satisfying. Wellbeing is not something we can assume comes naturally and we cannot afford to leave it to chance.

Positive Psychology has a growing evidence base on what creates wellbeing. Here are…

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