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Modernizing Instruction


Like many fellow educators, I am always looking for the “best practices” in teaching.  I recently discovered a blog post from TeachThought that provides 8 tips to help teachers better understand how to modernize instruction. According to the post, “the modern classroom is like a Jackson Pollock painting: messy, integrated, interesting, abstract, creative, engaging, rich, invigorating, student-centered, and immersed in technology.” Likewise, the modern classroom is a place of learning that “constantly evolves … as it invites and values the voice of the child.” A modern classroom does not happen overnight. In order to create a modern learning environment you must first be a modern teacher. So what do teachers (and administrators) need to know to help create modern centers of learning for students? According to the post, teachers can become their own Jackson Pollock if they:

  1. Embrace change
  2. Be a willing collaborator
  3. Build a toolbox
  4. Invite students into the curriculum conversation
  5. Let students explore
  6. Always hold students accountable for their work
  7. Look for opportunities to extend the classroom
  8. Let it go

Ultimately, I agree with the folks at TeachThought – educators must first understand “the role they play in creating centers of learning before they can appropriately encourage active learning among students.” tlb




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