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MORE Summer Reads for Teacher Professional Development

Here we are in early July, and we have already come to the midway point in the summer. I hope you’ve had an opportunity to (re)energize yourself — spending time … Continue reading

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The Future Is Here

  A great quote from ISTE 2014 all about the importance of creativity. tlb Source

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Modernizing Instruction

Like many fellow educators, I am always looking for the “best practices” in teaching.  I recently discovered a blog post from TeachThought that provides 8 tips to help teachers better understand how … Continue reading

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Education’s Spark

Curiosity is the spark that ignites creative thinking. tlb Source  

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A Dream Killing Phrase

  Words have  power! And, when used inappropriately, are also very dangerous. Not only is this one of the most dangerous phrases used in our language; it is the very phrase … Continue reading

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Perils of Testing

If you’ve ever wondered what too much testing can do then check out this photo. tlb Source

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Clouds and Daffodils: Visual Images and the Writing Process

One of my favorite poets is William Wordsworth, and his poem, I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud, was a particular favorite. I love the images of “a dancing breeze, trees and … Continue reading

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Read This Now! Creative Technology

Each week, I’d like to use principalaim to highlight an educational perspective that I share or that I am wrestling with.  In this week’s Read This Now! entry, I would like to share an … Continue reading

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Summer Fun and Nature

For many families, we have officially come to the midway point in the summer. However, there is still time to have fun in late July and early August before school … Continue reading

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Read This Now!

In this week’s Read This Now entry, I would like to share a video series from Edutopia that will take you directly inside the classrooms of talented educators who are actively using … Continue reading

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