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Preparing Our Students for the Future

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Resource Roundup: Creating Digital Citizens

What kinds of resources do you need to help engage and inspire your students?

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Essentials for Today’s Classroom

What are the essentials for today’s classroom? Like principal George Couros (@gcouros), I believe the best classrooms encourage student voice, choice, and self-reflection. I also believe these classrooms provide lots of … Continue reading

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A Piece of the Grit Puzzle

Like so many, I, too, have been looking for concrete ways to define grit for my students. As I see it, grit is: courage, perseverance, determination, heart, passion, and dedication. … Continue reading

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Modernizing Instruction

Like many fellow educators, I am always looking for the “best practices” in teaching.  I recently discovered a blog post from TeachThought that provides 8 tips to help teachers better understand how … Continue reading

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A Bit of Tech Humor


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“Linked Learning:” Vocational Education Redux

“Linked Learning:” Vocational Education Redux In keeping with my first blog of the day, I also thought I’d share this article from all about California’s attempt to provide “relevance … Continue reading

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