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The Minecraft Cell: Biology Meets Game-Based Learning | Edutopia


Like so many educators, I have been watching the evolution of technology in education for over 20 years. From the desktop to laptops to iPad technology, I have been watching in fascination as schools work to incorporate the best in technology into the classroom.  In early September 2013, I wrote a blog post where I asked two essential questions: Can Minecraft become another resource tool to help teachers teach science and social studies/history? Can we use it in the classroom to teach other disciplines as well? Thanks to Science teacher, Dan Bloom, I can share a resource that outlines the best way to use Minecraft as an educational tool. Bloom’s says Minecraft can enhance learning for students in the classroom if teachers set up the following guidelines. According to Bloom, teachers must “demonstrate the necessary steps needed to establish lesson/project goals, create the classroom’s virtual structure, build parameters for students, and measure outcomes.” Ultimately, as I learn more about Minecraft, I can see the merits of integrating the game-based learning system into a school’s curriculum. Please check here to learn more from Dan Bloom.  tlb

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Minecraft resources from Edutopia 


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