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Digital Learning Day 2014: Resource Roundup | Edutopia

  Attention teachers and administrators: the third annual Digital Learning Day is on Wednesday, February 5, 2014. Digital Learning Day is a K-12 initiative which promotes “the opportunity for a robust … Continue reading

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The Minecraft Cell: Biology Meets Game-Based Learning | Edutopia

Like so many educators, I have been watching the evolution of technology in education for over 20 years. From the desktop to laptops to iPad technology, I have been watching … Continue reading

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The Innovative Classroom

The Innovative Classroom Innovation – a word that seems to be losing some of its punch in the business world might just be gaining real momentum in the world of … Continue reading

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2014 is the year of the internet of things—no, seriously, we mean it this time

If you are a parent or teacher, please read this post. It seems that experts believe next year is the year when technology will touch every aspect of ours and … Continue reading

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6 Things We Know for Sure with iPads in School | Edutopia

6 Things We Know for Sure with iPads in School | Edutopia. Like many schools, we are discussing the pros and cons of technology integration. In my school, we’ve been … Continue reading

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Tech Isn’t Everything – Teachers Are! Applications to Better Prepare Educators for the Digital Age

Here is an article that I discovered that I thought I’d pass along to anyone looking for interesting apps during the summer relating to technology and the classroom. Happy Summer! … Continue reading

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