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Read This Now: Saving Education

Creativity expert, Sir Ken Robinson, is back. In his May 2013 TED Talk, Robinson delves into how best to help save education.

Ken Robinson gives several clear reasons education lives in “death valley;” however, his primary focus is on the issues that directly impact teaching and learning in the classroom. According to Robinson, education is in trouble because “teachers have lost the ability to honor difference among students.” He also finds fault in an educational system that no longer “fosters student curiosity and creativity within the classroom.”

It is true that the culture of education has changed. There have been some wonderful advances in education, and there have been changes that have also been troublesome. Like Robinson, I long for the days when a teacher’s focus was on the individual needs of every child. However, I do understand the need to measure student performance as well. My goal is to continue to work to create spaces where learning challenges as well as nurtures. Likewise, I will continue to create spaces where good “assessment supports learning without obstructing the learning process.”

I am a real fan of Sir Ken Robinson primarily because he understands that in order for real teaching and learning to take place teachers must first be encouraged to always look for ways to inspire and engage students in the learning process. tlb


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