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Essential Question and Answer

I just discovered great answers to an essential question from @KleinErin and @jmattmiller at ISTE 2014 that I had to share. tlb Source Source

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Valuable Assessment Tools

Let’s continue to fight to make this kind of assessment the norm in our schools. ¬†It really is the best way to gain information about our students. tlb   Source … Continue reading

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Which Bubble is More Important in Education?

I ran across this very powerful visual image yesterday that I believe is worth sharing because this simple image begs the question: which bubble should students fill in? But I … Continue reading

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Revisiting Common Core

Not one to quickly or easily dismiss anything that might aid in student instruction and assessment, I have been watching the evolution of Common Core. This highly contentious tool has … Continue reading

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Read This Now: Saving Education

Creativity expert, Sir Ken Robinson, is back. In his May 2013 TED Talk, Robinson delves into how best to help save education. Ken Robinson gives several clear reasons education lives … Continue reading

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Common Core: Will it help or Hinder?

Common Core: Will it help or Hinder? Finally, it appears we have real data to consider as educators across the country participate in the Common Core debate. Whether you are … Continue reading

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