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Summer Fun and Nature

For many families, we have officially come to the midway point in the summer. However, there is still time to have fun in late July and early August before school beings.

Staying connected to nature is always important for children, and doing so in the summer is easy and fun if you plan activities that are creative and engaging. One organization that prides itself on creating activities for teachers and parents to use to help keep students connected to the outdoors and nature is Project Learning Tree (

Keeping children connected to nature is extremely important and is a wonderful way during the summer to keep children physically active as well as actively engaged in the learning process. Getting children excited about spending time outside (especially during the summer) does not have to be difficult if you keep the activities fun and creative. The activities that you choose can be very simple things like: hiking in the woods, walking or biking along a trail, flying a kite, spending time in a water park, or playing a simple game of football. I believe the key to finding the right activity for your child (and family) during the summer is to look for activities that allow the family to spend quality time together.  Exposing children to the nature is extremely important but it takes good planning just like any other family outing/gathering.

I hope you have a great rest of the summer!  tlb

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