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No Obstacles to Learning

Nothing will narrow the mind of a child ready to learn.

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Children are …

Give children something to imitate.

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A Pleasant Surprise …

As I mark the days until the end of summer, I am also finishing up my summer reading.  As I finished the last of my summer reading for school, I received … Continue reading

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Scary Headlines Concerning Kindergarten Readiness

Last week, the Washington Post featured a story that should cause every educator and parent some concern. Deputy superintendent of public instruction, Rob Saxton, and the early learning system director … Continue reading

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Necessary Mistakes

Real learning takes place anytime mistakes are made.  Let’s help our students learn from their mistakes. tlb Source

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Simple Ways to Cultivate Happiness in Schools | Edutopia

Simple Ways to Cultivate Happiness in Schools | Edutopia. I love using principalaim to highlight an educational perspective that I share or that I am wrestling with. Today’s “Read This Now!” features an … Continue reading

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Inspiring Hope in our Schools

Keeping Hope Alive in Schools Hope! According to, to have hope is to cherish a desire with anticipation: to desire with expectation of attainment: to expect with confidence: to … Continue reading

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“Connections Make Learning Stick”

I’d like to share another wonderful voice from the TED Talks Education series, Rita F. Pierson. Pierson, a forty-year veteran educator, was always an advocate for children and in this … Continue reading

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Stop the Free-Fall: Why is Literacy Education Important?

Why is literacy education so important to the future success of billions of young children? It is important because after 3rd grade, the likelihood that a student who is below … Continue reading

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Role Models Wanted

Trusting that parents are a child’s first role model, I am struck by just how many children look up to celebrities and professional athletes as the most important models of … Continue reading

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