Inspiring Educators Who Inspire Future Leaders

Be You

What is one of the hardest things to teach young children? Honoring what makes one unique and original is a tough concept for many children to grasp. How do we … Continue reading

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Limitless Living – Read This Now!

This week’s “Read This Now!” is simply a lesson in perseverance, endless will power, and a vocabulary devoid of the word “can’t”. Caroline Casey’s inspiring 2010 TEDTalk, Looking Past Limits, … Continue reading

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What Defines a Quality Education?

Have you ever wondered what a quality education looks like? What are some of the descriptive words that you would use to describe the best possible education for children in … Continue reading

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Read This Now!: Classroom Design

Acknowledging there are always things that you cannot change, why do so many teachers use the same classroom setup year after year? While this is not meant to be a … Continue reading

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“Connections Make Learning Stick”

I’d like to share another wonderful voice from the TED Talks Education series, Rita F. Pierson. Pierson, a forty-year veteran educator, was always an advocate for children and in this … Continue reading

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The “Re-invention” of Education

If you are a regular visitor to my blog (or following it I hope), you know two very important things about me: I love using video as a teaching tool … Continue reading

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