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Read This Now!: Classroom Design

Acknowledging there are always things that you cannot change, why do so many teachers use the same classroom setup year after year? While this is not meant to be a provocative question; it is one that I would like to encourage teachers to consider. As you think about this, consider what it would take to ensure that your classroom setting is the very best learning environment for all of your students.

Why start the school year with a lesson in classroom Feng Shui?  Because I believe no real teaching can begin until you have created a classroom environment that centers on the needs of every student. Likewise, I also believe teachers need to consider what they need in their classrooms to help them do their best work as well. Remember, you will spend long days inside your classroom so creating a space that meets your needs is also important. I have watched countless teachers arrange desks, stock shelves, and create centers for their students without a thought to what might help inspire their own work with students inside the classroom. What do you need to help make your classroom a true learning center? What would it take to create a space that inspires learning for students and adults who enters your classroom?

In this week’s Read This Now, I get a chance to highlight not only my love of education but also my love of design. Check out David Bill’s (designer and educator) work, through the Remake Your Classroom project, which is sponsored by The Third Teacher+. In the video, David provides practical, hands-on tips for teachers interested in making small changes to their classrooms. Remember, David’s recommendations will not work in every classroom, and any changes that you make must make sense for you and your students. However, if you are looking for inspiration to make classroom enhancements this year then this is the blog for you. I especially love that David’s blog includes creative ideas to help get students involved in making their classroom great!  Enjoy! tlb

Click here for the link to David’s blog on Edutopia.


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