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What Defines a Quality Education?

Describing Education

Have you ever wondered what a quality education looks like? What are some of the descriptive words that you would use to describe the best possible education for children in the 21st century?

When thinking about what a quality education looks like, there are thousands of words to choose from to help describe a balanced approach to education that incorporates elements that I think are essential to a first-class education. A first-class education is:

  • child-centered
  • differentiated
  • creative/innovative
  • active learning (and play)
  • guided and student driven
  • integrates technology so that technology supports and enhances learning inside and outside the classroom
  • a supportive partnership between home and school
  • values the voices of experienced as well as new leaders
  • uses cutting edge as well as tried and true methods of teaching
  • And, at its core, puts the academic and social-emotional needs of children first

Unfortunately, I have not found a list yet that encompasses every element needed to create a quality education. However, since schools, like students, are unique in design; I believe another element to a quality education is recognizing what is different about your school so that you can honor those differences when creating curriculum instruction. Ultimately, I encourage educators to continue to sharpen your own list of attributes; allowing the needs of children to help you determine what is needed to create a quality education for each of your students every day. tlb


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Head of Lower School & Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Louisville Collegiate School

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