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Scaffolding Learning

Learning is a process enhanced by resources.  tlb Source Source

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Revisiting Common Core

Not one to quickly or easily dismiss anything that might aid in student instruction and assessment, I have been watching the evolution of Common Core. This highly contentious tool has … Continue reading

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Essentials of Play

We should stop talking about play as an extra; a transition between lunch and math. Play is a fundamentally important part of every child’s school day. Let’s make sure play … Continue reading

January 26, 2014 · 5 Comments

Value of Screen Time

How do we determine what valuable screen time looks like for small children? I found an article by Motoko Rich which questions content viewed by children when using electronic devices. According to … Continue reading

January 25, 2014 · 4 Comments

Reading Challenge for Preschoolers

I discovered a news story today that I could not wait to share. The Louisville Free Public Library with support from the Louisville Library Foundation and the Community Foundation of Louisville … Continue reading

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The Age of School Shootings: The New Normal?

This week, school officials across the country monitored computer screens, smartphones, and televisions waiting to hear more details after a 12-year-old middle school student walked into his school with a … Continue reading

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When Looking for a Hero …

Attention all teachers and administrators: when you need a hero take a really close look in the mirror. This is such a great reminder anytime of the school year. tlb … Continue reading

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Using LEGO to Build Math Concepts |

If you were like me, the thought of math made you want to run for cover. I cannot explain my fear of math as a child. I can only tell … Continue reading

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2014 is the year of the internet of things—no, seriously, we mean it this time

If you are a parent or teacher, please read this post. It seems that experts believe next year is the year when technology will touch every aspect of ours and … Continue reading

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Teaching Mandela

Teaching Mandela When the news of Nelson Mandela’s death broke late yesterday, time stopped for millions of people all over the world. For me, it was a moment that I’ll … Continue reading

December 7, 2013