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Common Core: Will it help or Hinder?

Common Core: Will it help or Hinder?

Finally, it appears we have real data to consider as educators across the country participate in the Common Core debate. Whether you are for or against adopting the common core standards into your school’s curriculum, there is a lot at stake today in education. Many are hopeful that the common core standards will help to solve what troubles many school districts/communities around the country. We are in a crisis in education because there are still too many children who continue to struggle in both reading and math (and these numbers still remain extremely high in many diverse and poor communities in the U.S).

This year, schools in NYC took the lead administering tests aligned with the common core standards and now the test results are back. According to the Times, critics of the common core may have something to cheer about because it appears that scores declined during this first year of common core testing.

If this data carries any real weight then where do we go from here when our students continue to struggle? What happens if the common core does not cure what ails us in education?


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