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Much More Than a Handshake



Yesterday, I discovered a great story on Twitter from @Phil_Lewis about a second year teacher in a Charlotte, North Carolina school who has transformed his classroom through a simple morning ritual – the handshake. However, in the case of Mr. Barry White, Jr., his morning ritual has taken on special meaning because Mr. White spends each morning greeting each of his students with a personalized handshake.

This may seem like a simple thing but it points to what I believe (and what Mr. White believes) is the most important part of his job and that is building strong relationships with his students.  I am not sure if I can memorize a personal handshake with 260 students; however, I am inspired by Mr. White’s story to continue to find ways to build strong relationships with my students. How about you? How do you build strong relationships with your students each day? Click here to read more about Mr. White’s story. tlb

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