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Traits in an Education Leader

Doubling Down on Talent: Education Pioneers’ Important Evolution

I discovered an interesting question on LinkedIn: what is the most important trait in an education leader? This question got me thinking again about one of my favorite topics, leadership. Personally, I believe a leader in education must first and foremost have a passion for the field of education. There are lots of people who view our profession using terms like easy or anyone can do it (teach). But a person in the teaching field has a true passion and commitment to the craft and they understand the many challenges that come with being an educator. I also believe a leader in education is a life-long learner. Leaders in education know that learning is a 24/7, yearlong endeavor. More importantly, leaders in education embrace the knowledge that learning is almost second nature to a true educator. Finally, I believe leaders in education must enjoy working with children. In fact, they not only most enjoy working with children but true leaders in education live to work with and model for children. I agree with the folks at Education Pioneers, the future of education requires a “strategy for what we do and it also requires an understanding of who can do it best.” tlb



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  1. Globalresidence
    October 2, 2015

    Agree! 😃

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