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Blended-Learning Resources

If you are a frequent visitor to principalaim then you know how important student-centered instruction is to me. I’ve found one of the best ways to empower students to truly engage in their learning is to provide them with the kinds of tools/resources that they love to use. Integrating technology into the curriculum has proven an easy way to incorporate tried and true with the latest advances in technology. Blended-learning is a great “mix of technology and traditional face-to-face instruction” because at its core it combines classroom learning with online learning.” This creates a win-win learning approach for teachers and students, in part, because it “allows students to set pace while controlling time and place.”

There are lots of resources out there blendedon blended instruction (check out ASCD’s resource guide to blended instruction for example); however, like any resources that I share on principalaim, I ask that administrators and teachers first consider the individual goals and needs of the school. It has been my experience that good blended instruction can only happen if and when the school is ready to tackle technology integration. Are there things that can be done or resources that can be used in the interim? Absolutely! Schools can utilize blended learning resources while developing a plan to “mix content from the existing curriculum with technology.” Below are just a few resources to get administrators and teachers started:

Don’t forget to check out the complete list at tlb




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