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What Really Matters?

In the life of a child, we must always consider the things that matter. tlb

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Essentials for Today’s Classroom

What are the essentials for today’s classroom? Like principal George Couros (@gcouros), I believe the best classrooms encourage student voice, choice, and self-reflection. I also believe these classrooms provide lots of … Continue reading

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Make It Count: Providing Feedback as Formative Assessment

I discovered a post on Edutopia today that I absolutely had to share within the principalaim community. How many times have you had to defend the merits of “good” assessments? While … Continue reading

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Blended-Learning Resources

If you are a frequent visitor to principalaim then you know how important student-centered instruction is to me. I’ve found one of the best ways to empower students to truly engage in their learning … Continue reading

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The Future of Education Comes Down to This

As politicians, parents, and business executives fight over the future of education – I ask educators to remember who we serve. In order to ensure that all of our schools … Continue reading

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Summer Planning: Why Aren’t More Schools Using Free Open Access to Technology?

As we wrap up the school year, planning for the fall has already begun. Whether making academic or extracurricular decisions, schools, this time of year, are making choices that require … Continue reading

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The State of K-12 Education: Putting Students First

“Decisions that affect our public schools are too often made based on the desires of adults rather than the needs of kids.” Michelle Rhee As I begin this blog post, … Continue reading

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The Innovative Classroom

The Innovative Classroom Innovation – a word that seems to be losing some of its punch in the business world might just be gaining real momentum in the world of … Continue reading

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