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Summer Planning: Incorporating Instagram into the Classroom


instagram-iconIf you haven’t jumped onto the Instagram bandwagon, then I may have a way to introduce this resource to you. I, too, am an Instagram novice, however, a friend shared a blog post from We are Teachers that he discovered that changed his mind about incorporating Instagram into his classroom this year.

It seems more and more teachers are using Instagram as an instructional tool. In fact, Instagram has not only helped change the way we share visual images with one another, but in the classroom, it has truly helped to enhance the way students learn to hone their visual as well as written expression. Students no longer have to rely on a simple still photo to help tell a story. Students can use Instagram to take pictures and video. They can apply digital filters to the images, and they can share their images in a variety of places like Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr. Of course there are limits to how Instagram can be used based on the age of the student; however, I believe even in upper elementary school there are appropriate and effective ways to utilize Instagram in the classroom. As you plan for next year, please don’t forget to consider Instagram. tlb







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