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The Mighty Purpose of Being an Educator

What is education all about? Education is about educators working each day to raise human potential in students.

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The Power of Vulnerability

Yes, empathy is tough to teach but essential for every child to learn.

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Classroom Feedback

Everything that happens in the classroom is valid and essential to the learning process.

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Principalaim: Top 10 of 2016

This year’s top 10 list from principalaim!

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The Essence of Teamwork is…

Teamwork is a valuable 21st century skill that all children should learn.

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Essentials for Today’s Classroom

What are the essentials for today’s classroom? Like principal George Couros (@gcouros), I believe the best classrooms encourage┬ástudent voice, choice, and self-reflection. I also believe these classrooms provide lots of … Continue reading

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Failure as Part of the Instructional Process

I don’t know about you but I love to explore the many ideas and perspectives available through the TED Talk series. Whatever the topic, I find these talks relevant and … Continue reading

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