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Staying Connected: The Last Weeks of the School Year

end of year

We have come to that time of the school year when the days are a bit longer, there is plenty of warm weather, and keeping students focused is a tad harder than it was in September. If you are like me, you are always looking for ways to keep students engaged during the school year. I believe this is especially true during those crucial last weeks of school. If you are interested in some very easy tips on ways to stay connected to your students during the last weeks of school, check out blogger Angela Watson on Watson provides simple suggestions for teachers to try in order to stay connected – things like: eating lunch together, joining in at recess, or reading a class favorite book. Remember, the end of the year does not have to be stressful; however, it does take careful planning in order to make any end of year activity meaningful and fun. Good luck! tlb




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