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The Dark Side of the ADHD Gender Gap

For years, we’ve speculated ADHD-educationand worried about the number of boys diagnosed with ADHD. A 2002 study by a team of professors of Psychology at the University of California at Berkeley, led by Dr. Stephen Hinshaw, believes we should also worry about the rise in number of girls with ADHD. Dr. Hinshaw, who is also the vice chair for psychology at UC-San Francisco, believes the gender gap has “narrowed to about 2.5 to 1, as part of an overall surge in diagnosis of ADHD between boys and girls.” The main issue that his study brings to light is not only that more girls are being diagnosed but that they are impacted very differently as they get older than their male counterparts. This study is valuable for schools as we prepare our teachers and work to get the necessary resources to help support the growing numbers of boys and now girls with ADHD. Check out the full article here. tlb



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Head of Lower School & Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Louisville Collegiate School

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