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It’s the Age AND the Stage…Developmental Readiness for Kindergarten (part 2)

During a conversation today with a first time parent, it occurred to me that we (educators) often take for granted parents’ understanding of developmental readiness in young children. Parents’ knowledge of the age and stage of development is so important to their ability to make informed decisions in the lives of their children. There is a lot of information out there on this subject; however, I’d like to share a detailed outline from Smartypantz on the developmental stages of children, ages 3-7. tlb


Smartypantz Blog

Welcome to part 2 of my commentary and suggestions regarding Kindergarten Readiness.  You can read the first installment in my blog from yesterday.

It is typical for a child to be developmentally ahead or behind his chronological age by up to 9 months without cause for concern.  Just as with sitting up, crawling, walking, reading, etc. children development at different rates and will show strengths and weaknesses in different areas as well.  It is rare for a child to present with the same proficiency in all areas of development at the same time.  Below are some developmental milestones by age group (provided by

Developmental Milestones by Age Group

Three is a common age for many children to begin pre-school.  This post focuses on children beginning at age 3 through age 7 so that you can see the arc of development your child will or is making between pre-school and…

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