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The Flipped Mobile Classroom: Learning “Upside Down” | Edutopia

The Flipped Mobile Classroom: Learning “Upside Down” | Edutopia.

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There is a growing debate among educators about the merits of “flipped” learning. What does flipped learning mean? “Flipped learning occurs when direct instruction is moved from a classroom teaching space (with a group of learners) to an individual learning environment (likely to happen at home).” The merits of the flipped learning model lie in the teacher’s ability to devote valuable classroom time to “one-to-one or small group interactions with students.” This is significant for many schools because the flipped learning model could greatly increase the amount of academic instruction time; giving teachers the opportunity to work with students in small groups or one-on-one. Like other initiatives in education, the flipped learning model should not be viewed as a quick fix or a model that would be successful in every school. However, I do believe it is a model whose structure should be examined closely by many school officials (especially those looking to add precious teaching minutes back into the academic school day). For more information about the flipped classroom model, check out more from Beth Holland (Edutopia) and the article below from Idit Harel Caperton (Edutopia). tlb

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