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Question of Homework: What is Right for Every Child?

Question of Homework: What is Right for Every Child?

Journalist and author, Annie Murphy Paul, once again delivers a great article this time discussing the merits of homework and when it honestly isn’t good enough. The question of what constitutes “good” homework is one that educators have debated for decades. I believe homework is an important part of teacher instruction; however, homework should be used to reinforce what has been taught in the classroom (and never used to introduce brand new content information). Like many educators, I believe good homework should be used to inform teacher instruction within the classroom. With this basis in mind, I agree with Annie’s post and how important the science of homework must change in order for every student to benefit from the best kind (computer based vs. written) and amount (twenty minutes vs. two hours) of homework for each child. I believe assigning homework should be decided based on the individual needs of every child. I truly hope we can finally begin to discuss what is appropriate when thinking about homework because what is appropriate for one child, in one classroom, with one teacher may not be appropriate for another child, classroom, or teacher. tlb


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