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Virtual Education

The idea of exactly what virtual education is has shifted, and I give much of the credit for this change to one of my favorite innovators, Salman Khan. While this is not a brand new concept in education, I believe Sal brought this notion of “virtual education” to the masses with the creation of his online math tool, Khan Academy. In less than ten years, Sal has taken an idea (helping his cousins better understand math) and expanded it so that billions of children every day receive math instruction and support through the use of technology.

Supports of virtual education have lots to be happy about because the conversation went up a notch with the creation of Khan Academy. In this clip, Sal talks about blended learning and how it will “change the way we think about the physical classroom as well as the way that we teach”. Like Sal, I am excited about the buzz around blended learning for many reasons: 1) blended education does exactly what it says, it brings together two separate parts making them a better whole; 2) blended learning gives teachers the opportunity to work in small groups and/or with individual students; 3) moreover, blended learning provides opportunities for children to be active participates in their own learning.

See Sal’s clip to learn more about how we can change the physical nature of our classrooms through blended learning. tlb


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2 comments on “Virtual Education

  1. Kajal Sengupta
    October 16, 2013

    Even I am a supporter of blended learning ( ) and feel it offers the best of both online and offline education. True, it has to fulfill the needs of learners and has to be devised according to the situation at hand. that is the challenge of the new age teachers.

    • principalaim
      October 16, 2013

      Hello! Thank you for your comments, and for including your blog. I’d love to reblog your blended learning post onto principalaim. Is that okay? Thank you, Tiffany

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