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Beyond Hidden Figures: Recognizing the Work of Female Scientists During Women’s History Month

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What do you really know about women and science?

After seeing the movie, Hidden Figures, I found myself looking for more information about the three pioneers from the film – Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson (who have passed away) and Katherine Johnson (who is living and resides in Virginia). The movie painted such a compelling story about these women that I began to wonder how I’d missed learning about these known and celebrated NASA scientists. Their story was so compelling, I wondered if there were other “hidden figures” out there to be discovered. Then I stumbled upon @MissingSciFaces and discovered a woman named Hilda Bastian who has been working over the past several months to bring to light the stories of under-represented female scientists.

Identifying and sharing the lives of under-represented female scientists has become a personal crusade for Ms. Bastian; however, it might not have happened without the help from a small movie that has made a big difference. To learn more about Hilda Bastian’s push to uncover the pictures and stories of unknown female scientists, check out her blog post. You can also follow her Twitter handle @MissingSciFaces. If you’d like to learn more about Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, and Katherine Johnson, check out Hidden Figures on dvd on April 11, 2017. tlb




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