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What All Grade Levels Can Learn from a Preschool Classroom

If you work with, supervise, or have a little one, I discovered this interesting post that I believe benefits educators and parents everywhere. tlb

Learning and Leading: A Joyful Leader's Journey

IMG_3918Only in the last two years as a lead learner have I served in a building that houses prek children. To my surprise, these classrooms are structured quite differently than classrooms in the rest of the building. I knew prek staff were accountable to federal and state guidelines, but there is so much more going on in these classrooms. I believe most people view a prek classroom as a place to play, eat, and take naps. Yes, our four year olds take a long nap. Yes, they have two meals and snacks at regularly scheduled times each day. And…yes…they play…A LOT. At first glance, their play looks like…well…play! I learned quickly that play in a prek classroom consists of way more than meets the eye. I learned that slowing down, listening, and observing could tell me so much about kids, their interactions, and the intentions of their teachers.

Play Equates…

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