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Reflections: My First Week of School

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I made it! Friday marked the end of my first week of school, and I have to say it was a great week.

The start of school has always been enjoyable for me; however, this year was especially special because this year marks a new mile marker in my professional journey in education. This year marks my return to a JK-12 learning community, and with it, the ability to once again make connections with students through high school. This is very important to me, during this time in my career, because I’ve missed those developmental moments as Jenny grows and becomes Jennifer who in turn grows and becomes Jen. The gift of time is something that every educator needs so I am pleased to have more time to support my students.

There were many things that made my week great; however, I’d like to bottle my students’ curiosity, flexibility, openness, courage, persistence, and determination. I’d like to carry these attributes with me using them when I need a little extra inspiration. And, I’d like to channel these qualities so that I can use them to help inspire others in my community.

No matter where you are, I hope your school year is full of inspired teaching and learning. Have a great year! tlb



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Head of Lower School & Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Louisville Collegiate School

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