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Tips for Transitioning to Middle School

Do you work and/or live with a middleschooler? If you do, check out this blog from coprincipals. It provides solid advice about best ways to help students prepare for those first days of middle school. tlb


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We wrote this article for The Salisbury Post last summer.  We thought we would include it here if you want to use it or parts of it as we get closer and closer to the first day of school!


Is your child entering middle school this year? We know this can be an exciting yet stressful time. These feelings are intensified if this is your first time as a middle school parent. One important thing to know is you are probably more nervous than your child.

Unfortunately, there are many misperceptions about middle school. We have all heard the story of someone getting stuffed in a locker or having to eat lunch on the floor because nobody will let you sit at their table, but in all of our combined years in middle school we have yet to see either of these happen. A good piece of advice is…

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