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11 Habits of an Effective Teacher | Edutopia

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What are the habits of an effective teacher? This is the question posed and answered by Edutopia blogger, Carrie Lam. Carrie, an academic director, teacher, and workshop leader, believes the most effective teachers are those who: enjoy teaching, make a difference, spread positivity, get personal, give 100%, stay organized, are open-minded, have standards, find inspiration, embrace change, and create reflections. I like Carrie’s list and I definitely agree effective teachers should love the profession, are positive, and embrace change; however, my list would also include:

  1. Teach holistically
  2. Adapt to the needs of students
  3. Teach with a clear purpose
  4. Life-long learner
  5. Consistent
  6. Take risks
  7. Creative
  8. Understand the need for good communication (students, parents, and peers)
  9. Possess the ability to effectively connect home and school
  10. Actively look for ways to improve professionally (always replenishing toolbox)
  11. Build relationships

What do you think about our lists? What would you add or take away? tlb



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