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EQ is Key in Leadership


A few weeks ago, Harvard Business Review published an article that grabbed my attention because the topic is near and dear to me. ‘How emotional intelligence became a key leadership skill’ is the question posed by author Andrea Ovans and her answer to the question is not only pertinent in business but in education as well. According to Ovans, “an understanding of what exactly constitutes emotional intelligence is important not only because the capacity is so central to leadership but because people strong in some of its elements can be utterly lacking in others, sometimes to disastrous effect.” While the author’s intent is to discuss the importance of EQ in business leaders, I think school leaders should also possess emotional intelligence qualities like: “self-awareness, motivation, and empathy.” Like Ms. Ovans, I consider “proficiency in managing relationships and building networks” essential to the work of good school leaders because schools are institutions made up of people. Ultimately, I recognize emotional intelligence is not the only quality a leader should possess; however, I believe leaders with high EQ are better able to understand and connect with others. To read Ms. Ovans’ article in its entirety, click here. tlb



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