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Why Student Athletes Continue To Fail

Ohio State quarterback, Cardale Jones, shocked the world when he made the decision to stay in school after winning a national championship. While many may focus only on his decision not to go to the pros, I hope his decision to put the “student before the athlete” sparks a national debate about student athletes and the role of education to prepare these players for life after college (even if it means they never play professional sports).

Whether Cardale Jones becomes a pro ball player or a telephone operator, I hope his decision sparks a conversation that helps us better prepare student athletes to be well-rounded people and not just million dollar athletes. tlb


Seventy-four college underclassmen have been declared eligible for the NFL’s upcoming draft, but Ohio State’s quarterback Cardale Jones won’t be among them. A few days after winning the national championship game in January, Jones shocked fans and football analysts by saying he wasn’t ready to go pro, that it was important for him to graduate from college first. What made the announcement all the more surprising, beyond the fact that Jones may never again be as desirable an NFL prospect as he is the year he won a national championship, was that his previous claim to fame was a notorious tweet posted two years ago in which he complained about the “college” part of being a college football player. He wrote that he’d gone to Ohio State to play football, not “to play school,” and that classes were pointless.

Jones now regrets and disavows that tweet. Earlier this month, he…

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