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Can Schools Take Advantage of the Ed Tech Boom?



In a recent story on, the question was ask, “can teachers take advantage of the Ed Tech Boom?” While I agree this is an essential question for educators to ponder, there is another very important question we should also ask — what about schools and school officials? Can school leadership take advantage of the Ed Tech boom?

Speaking for educators across the country, I do believe there are lots of folks – teachers and administrators – who are ready to take advantage of the innovative devices, programs, and software accessible to schools. However, as the article indicates – we still have specific improvements that must be made before we can appropriately utilize the many technology resources at our finger tips.  For instances, many public and private schools continue to struggle to find funding for Ed Tech programs. Schools also continue to struggle to identify professional development that motivates and inspires teachers to integrate technology into their classroom and curriculum. Moreover, schools must commit the time (schedule) necessary to adequately build true technology literacy not just for students but for adults as well.

There are no easy solutions to any of these improvements; however, they are among a number of things that we must consider if we plan to take advantage of the Ed Tech boom. To learn more check out tlb





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