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The “U” in Education


“At the end of the day, the most important person in your education is you.” —The First Lady #ReachHigher

On Friday, First Lady Michelle Obama used college signing day to highlight her latest education initiative, Reach Higher. The First Lady’s latest initiative aims to encourage young people “to take charge of their futures and complete an education beyond high school.” Like many of the education programs she has sponsored, Mrs. Obama continues to work to empower students to be active participates in their education. Whether helping them to make healthy, long-term choices in their eating habits or encouraging them to consider a four-year college degree, The First Lady hopes to give children from all backgrounds (and all age groups) an opportunity to put education first in their lives in the hope that a good education will help prepare them for a bright future.

What I love most about The First Lady’s program is that it does not encourage parents and teachers to push students to “reach higher.” It puts the focus where it belongs – in the hands of students. I believe it is paramount that our students take an active role in their future. For some that means attending a four-year college and for others it might mean attending a technical/vocational school. While I recognize the power of a college education, and hope that many new graduates choose higher education after high school, my sincere hope for every child is that they simply choose a path that leads to something that gives them purpose and meaning. Let’s continue to encourage students to reach higher! tlb



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