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Codecademy’s One-Stop-Shop for Programming Education

As the field of coding grows, there are more and more resources available for anyone interested in learning how to code. Since the launch of New York-based Codecademy two years ago, the start-up has quickly become “the easiest way for anyone to get started programming.” The company began with a few coding enthusiast who really wanted to create simple codes. However the company’s co-founder, Zach Sims, says the company hopes to “teach more advanced concepts as opposed to just get you from zero to basic skills.”

Codecademy has grown in such a short period of time that it has “become synonymous with online education for basic computer programming.” This is exciting news for teachers because our students are coming to school looking for coding instruction as we search for ways to teach coding within the curriculum. This is also happening while administrators look for effective ways to give teachers the resources they need to teach students to code. One of the best parts about Codecademy, for teachers looking for free programming instruction, is that it uses a free platform that allows teachers to work individual or to collaborate with peers. So, if you are someone looking for ways to learn how to create content for the web then check out Codecademy.

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