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Caring For Our Teachers

teacher engagement 2


teacher engagement

I have the best job in the world. Unfortunately, according to a new Gallup report of educators featured on, many educators do not share this sentiment. In fact, the survey reports “nearly 7 in 10 [teachers] are not emotionally connected to or are dissatisfied with their workplaces.” I find this news scary and disheartening because I want teachers and administrators to feel valued, supported, and inspired each day.  While I cannot deny the demands of teachers are extremely high, it is imperative that we keep teachers fully engaged because high teacher engagement equals high student engagement.  It is not too late to turn these numbers around. Let’s all work to (re)engage our teachers! tlb





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2 comments on “Caring For Our Teachers

  1. kedavis99
    April 14, 2014

    I am incredibly fortunate to work in a building this year where the principal and assistant principal place a high priority on staff morale. Everyone on the staff from teachers, to classroom assistants, to custodians is made to feel an important part of the team. It makes it enjoyable to go to work every day. Last year I was in a building where the principal valued her teachers and her secretaries but as a classroom assistant and speaking to other CAs we felt we always got the impression from her that we weren’t worth her time that made it incredibly hard some days to get up and go to work.

    • principalaim
      April 14, 2014

      Hello Kedavis99, I am very happy to hear you are feeling supported this year. Feeling that one is supported can really make a HUGE difference in how faculty and staff feel within the school. Feeling supported, valued, encouraged — all important to building morale. tlb

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