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The Myth about Social Media in the Classroom | Edutopia


Believe it or not there is a myth about social media in the classroom. Many believe the use of social media in the classroom will create even more distractions for students. But like blogger, Vicki Davis, I believe many people are “mistaking social medial for socializing.” Social media is a power 21st century communication tool, and we owe it to our students to teach them the best ways to use social media to enhance their learning. The power of social media to help drive best practice in education is not only possible; it is essential. In order to make social media work in our classrooms, we only need to think outside the box and remember tools like EdublogsKidblog, or Edmodo follow other groundbreaking tools like the camera, computer/laptops or the SMARTboard. If we learned to incorporate those tools into the classroom, I know we can learn to appropriately incorporate social media into the classroom as well. Check out Vicki Davis’ blog on Edutopia for great resources to help incorporate social media into your classroom. tlb




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